Levens Choir Constitution superseded 29.03.22

Type of post: Choir Documentation
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Posted By: Andrew Lockley
Status: Current
Date Posted: Sun, 2 May 2021
Adopted 18.10.16
With amendments approved at AGM 08.10.19


1. Title
The name of the Choir shall be Levens Choir (‘the Choir’).
2. Objects
The objects of the Choir shall be to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in the art and science of music in all its aspects by the presentation of public concerts, primarily concerts of choral music, and by other ways as the Choir, through its Committee, shall determine from time to time, but with particular emphasis on encouraging young singers.
3. Membership
The members of the Choir shall be singers or instrumentalists. Each shall be a member for such period as they rehearse and perform with the Choir. The Elected Officers, on behalf of the Committee, shall decide the annual subscription payable by each member; that subscription may be reduced or waived in individual cases as notified to the Choir member concerned.
As a general principle, all members of the Choir will be entitled to receive notices pursuant to this constitution and will be entitled to vote at general meetings of the Choir. The Elected Officers, on behalf of the Committee, shall nevertheless decide whether an individual member (by way of example only, a member who attends, by invitation, to perform at a specific concert):
  • is to receive notices; and
  • is to be entitled to vote at general meetings.
Young people in full- or part-time education who are admitted to membership of the Choir (‘Choral Scholars’) shall not pay a subscription.
It is a condition of membership that all members of the Choir meet both:
a. the standards of musicianship determined by the Music Director in consultation with the Committee; and
b. requirements relating to conduct, attendance, audition, and concert dress as set out, or referred to, in this constitution or as may be formulated by the Committee and communicated from time to time to the Choir.
4. Equal Opportunities
Subject to the membership criteria set out above, the Choir shall not discriminate on the grounds of race, culture, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation or disability. Reasonable adjustments will accordingly be made to meet the needs of people with disabilities.
5. Safeguarding
The Choir maintains, and will continue to maintain, a safeguarding policy.
6. Officers, Committee and Management
a. Committee
The Choir shall be managed by a Committee consisting of:
i. a Chairman, Hon Secretary, Hon Treasurer (together ‘the Elected Officers’);
ii. Music Director;
iii. representatives from each section of the Choir as appointed pursuant to this constitution (‘Section Representatives’);
iv. other members of the choir who are nominated by resolution of the Committee (‘Nominated Members’);
Further members of the Choir may attend Committee meetings as invited from time to time by the Committee, but they shall not be entitled to vote at Committee meetings.
b. Elections
The Elected Officers shall be elected by and out of the Choir’s whole membership at the Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’); subject as set out below they shall hold office until the close of the next AGM and be eligible for re-election.
In the event that at an AGM one or more of the offices held by the Elected Officers is or shall have become vacant, an election to such office may be effected at a subsequent extraordinary general meeting (‘EGM’) of the Choir of which at least fourteen days’ notice shall have been given; the person or persons so elected shall hold office until the close of the next AGM and
shall be eligible for re-election; notice of such EGM shall give details of the nominee or nominees and of the post to be filled at the proposed election.
No Elected Officer shall resign during a period of office save in exceptional circumstances; in the event of any such resignation an election to appoint a successor may be arranged at an EGM as above.
In the event that any one or more of the Elected Officers shall decide not to stand for reelection, he or she shall take all reasonable steps: first to give to the Committee as much notice prior to the next AGM as possible; and secondly to propose a successor, with the intention that such successor be nominated for election at the next AGM. Prior to any such election, such
proposed successor may, with the approval of the Committee, attend Committee meetings, without entitlement to vote.
c. Standing Committee
A Standing Committee, comprising the Elected Officers and the Music Director, shall meet regularly to consider matters requiring attention before the next Committee meeting.
d. Management and Meetings
The Committee shall meet regularly. All aspects of choir management, including arrangements for concerts and other events, shall be the responsibility of the Committee. The Standing Committee has authority to take decisions relating to outstanding business and will report to the Committee. A meeting of the Committee shall be deemed quorate if two of the three Elected Officers and three other members are present; a meeting of the Standing Committee shall be deemed quorate if at least three of its members are present.
e. Section Representatives
Section Representatives shall be appointed by the Chairman, having been nominated by the relevant section of the Choir out of that section. In the event that more than one such representative shall be nominated, the name shall be determined by a simple majority of the members of that section, and the Chairman shall have the casting vote. The individual thus appointed by the Chairman shall serve until:
i. resignation in writing; or
ii. being voted out of office by a simple majority of the members of the relevant section.
For the avoidance of doubt a section or sections of the Choir may thus be without a Section Representative from time to time.
f. Nominated Members
Nominated Members shall hold office until
i. resignation in writing; or
ii. the close of the meeting of the Committee (‘Nominating Meeting’) next following the first AGM which follows the appointment (or re-appointment) of such Nominated Member
whichever shall first occur; each Nominated Member may continue as a member of the Committee if re-appointed at the Nominating Meeting.
7. Finance
a. The financial year shall end on 3rd September, or on such other date as the Committee shall decide and which shall within a reasonable time be communicated to the Choir.
b. Other than loose cash, the Choir’s monies shall be held in Bank or Building Society accounts in the name of the Choir as determined by the Committee.
c. The Choir may receive donations, grants in aid and financial guarantees; tickets for its concerts and other events shall be offered for sale to the public.
d. The income and property of the Choir shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of the Choir and no portion shall be paid either directly or indirectly to any members of the Choir nor to the Music Director except in payment of legitimate expenses incurred on behalf of the Choir and the honorarium referred to below.
e. The Music Director shall be paid an annual honorarium agreed between the Music Director and the Committee. The honorarium shall be subject to periodic review.
8. Dissolution
In the event of the Choir being wound up, any assets remaining upon dissolution after payment of proper debts and liabilities shall be transferred to a charitable institution or institutions having similar objects to those of the Choir.
9. General Meeting
Within twelve weeks of the end of each financial year the members shall be summoned to an AGM of which at least fourteen days’ notice shall have been given. The notice shall include the names of existing Committee members and of those of the Elected Officers who are willing to continue in their respective posts. Nominations for the Elected Officers and items to be included in the agenda shall be received by the Hon Secretary at least seven days prior to the AGM.
An EGM may be called by a minimum of one quarter of the membership of the Choir at that time by their giving notice to the Elected Officers of the purpose of the proposed EGM (such notice to include a draft of the proposed resolution); within twenty-one days of receipt of such notice the Hon Secretary shall give at least fourteen days’ notice of such EGM to the Choir. An EGM may also be called by the Hon Secretary on behalf of the Committee by at least fourteen days’ notice, which notice shall include a draft of the proposed resolution.
10. Audited Accounts
The financial accounts shall be examined or audited as may be required by law and submitted for adoption to the members at the next AGM.
11. Amendments to the Constitution
The Constitution may be amended by a two-thirds majority of members present at an AGM or an EGM, provided that fourteen days’ notice of the proposed amendment has been sent to all members and provided that no amendment may be made which shall have the effect of the Choir ceasing to be a charity.
12. Notices and Communications in Writing
a. Notices and communications given or sent pursuant to this constitution shall be in writing unless the contrary is stated.
b. Notices given by or on behalf of the Committee shall be valid if sent to at least ninety-five per cent of the members of the Choir who are entitled to receive them. This sub-clause prevails notwithstanding any contrary wording or implication elsewhere in this constitution.
c. Notices and communications given or sent by e-mail or other electronic communication shall be effective – and shall be deemed always to have been effective – as if given or sent in writing.

Agreed by the Choir at the Annual General Meeting held on 18th October 2016
As amended by the Choir at the Annual General Meeting held on 8th October 2019