Music Director Job Description

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Posted By: Terry Wareham
Status: Current
Date Posted: Mon, 13 Dec 2021
Music Director Job Description
  1. Audition and admit new members, informing other Officers, Membership Secretary, Listings Secretary, Webmaster and relevant Section Reps
  2. Plan music programmes, including study days, in consultation with the Committee, selecting music and working within an agreed budget framework
  3. Develop the choir’s technical and performance skills
  4. Direct all weekly rehearsals
  5. Conduct concerts in accordance with the agreed schedule
  6. Select soloists for concerts, working within the agreed budget framework
  7. Advise on instrumentalist needs for concerts
  8. Recruit and liaise with accompanists as required
  9. Oversee the production of concert programmes
  10. Attend Committee meetings (approximately 6 per year)
  11. Deliver an annual report to the AGM
The Music Director will be expected to work within the policies agreed by the Committee,
particularly in relation to safeguarding, to overall standards of performance, privacy, equal
opportunities and health and safety.