Jacob Cooper: Salve Regina (excerpt)

Jacob Cooper: Salve Regina (excerpt)
Type of post: Video or audio recording
Sub-type: Audio recording
Posted By: Andrew Lockley
Status: Current
Date Posted: Tue, 2 Jan 2024

A level student collaboration – Salve Regina by Jacob Cooper

In May 2023, some members of Levens Choir supported the first collaboration between the choir and Queen Elizabeth School (QES), Kirkby Lonsdale. 18 members volunteered to attend extra rehearsals and learn the 4 minute piece. Levens has a history of support for choral scholars, many of whom have since progressed onto a career in music. This A level collaboration further demonstrates Levens commitment to support young people. We hope we have more requests!
Thank you, Jacob Cooper, Author and copyright owner, for approaching Levens Choir and to Mr Gareth Leather, Head of Music, QES for agreeing to the recording. Permission has been granted to upload the recording on Levens website and for Queen Elizabeth school to use the work for education purposes. Future use in a concert of Salve Regina will require consent from the author.

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