Somewhere Special to Sing

Levens Choir has had the pleasure of singing in some extraordinary places, such as the lovely old churches we visited in Wharfedale in 2009. Our September 2011 visit to Wreay church is a memory we will always cherish. Out of these experiences has grown an ambition to discover and enjoy these special places with our informal choral recitals and spontaneous audiences. 
On Sunday, 17th June 2012 we visited the 19th century church at Field Broughton where we presented choral music from a wide range of composers. Funds raised helped finance a school in Rwanda.

On the afternoon of Sunday 17th February 2013 we were at Ings near Windermere. The little church was nearly full, and we sang a selection of sacred songs and anthems by Weelkes, Palestrina, Whitacre, Victoria and Holst, as well as the 'Sanctus' and the 'Hosanna'  from Bach's B-minor Mass. So for a while, Ings church was not such a 'quiet place' after all! Click here for more about Ings church.

On Sunday 21st April 2014 we performed in Beetham Church, whilst on Sunday 23rd March 2014 we sang in St Wilfrid's church, Melling.

In 2015 St Kentigern's Church in Caldbeck welcomed us back for an afternoon concert on Sunday 25th September 2016 and since then we have sung twice at Borwick church.

We began 2018 by singing in Lower Tatham Church where we were welcomed on Sunday 25th February.

‚ÄčOn 12th May 2019 we sang at the lovely St Michael the Archangel church in Whittington.

The Covid-19 restrictions prevented our planned performance in July 2021 at the parish church in Crosby Ravensworth, but it was held instead on 31 October.  A sizeable audience attended and were very complimentary.

We would welcome suggestions for this venture from anyone who knows of a special place which could accommodate our choir and might welcome a visit from us. They don't have to be churches, of course!